A wedding is one of the most special times many of us will experience in our lives. Because every couple is unique and because love is always in motion, a wedding video is a great way to remember your wedding day. Key Moment films is on a mission to create legacy-quality videos as unique and charming as your day itself.


The brand aesthetic for Key Moment Films needed to encourage vacay-loving engaged couples and brides who love “tropical whimsy” to consider having their special day documented through a high-end wedding video, by women who “get” them. Couples should know that by hiring Key Moment Films, they will be sure to get a luxury, worry-free experience for their wedding videography, and that their wedding film will truly represent their unique day.


The final logo is comprised of the company name in hand-lettered script style, incorporating a subtle “infinity” symbol as the swash of the “k” to represent forever love. This logo was the basis for the supporting visual elements including a badge, a fun avatar and an alternate logo. We also incorporated handmade watercolor textures to represent the coastal culture of this brand.

Key Moment Films Branding Color Palette
Key Moment Films Photo Example
Key Moment Films Avatars Designed by Just Make Things
Key Moment Films Business Cards Designed by Just Make Things
Key Moment Films Computer Skins by Just Make Things
Key Moment Films Mobile by Just Make Things
Key Moment Films Web by Just Make Things

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